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What Are You Thinking?

What’s on your mind? This is good to know.

This morning I wrote down all the things that are on my mind - the little things as well as the things causing me stress. Once I saw it on paper I was able to boil the whole list down to 2 issues:

1. Getting it all done

2. Wanting to control other’s behavior

Seeing this made me chuckle. The mind is so interesting. With awareness of my thoughts I can have a different relationship to the thoughts. For example, I can explore thoughts about what it means to get everything done. Is that even a thing? Doesn’t the “To Do” list expand no matter how much I do? Hmmm.

I’m reminded that there’s no such thing as controlling other’s behavior. And yet my mind wants to think it can. Isn’t that kind of amusing?

Notice I didn’t solve or fix any of the problems on my mind. But I freed up a little space. Things shifted. I realized I was setting up impossible things. That’s super helpful to know. Knowing that, I can tweak my thoughts to something that might serve me better and cause less stress.

Now it’s your turn - if you want to play this mindfulness game. Write down what’s on your mind. It’s really fascinating. Once you have your list, can you see any patterns?

Here are some other ideas for patterns of thinking- but don’t look at them until after you’ve writen down what’s on your mind. Make an attempt at discovering the patterns of thinking for yourself. Then check back.

Here are some common patterns of thinking:

1. Are you resisting something that is happening - arguing with reality?

2. Are you trying to make a decision?

3. Are you grasping for something?

4. Are you worried or anxious about something in the future?

5. Are you ruminating about something from the past?

6. Are you trying to get someone to act differently?

Whatever is on your mind, it’s good to know, because your thoughts create your emotions.

If you want to learn more about this, sign up for the next series of Mindfulness Meditation classes. There’s so much to discover about the places your mind goes.


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