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"Sue is an incredibly knowledgeable, skilled, compassionate, and fun meditation instructor. I've really benefitted from new equanimity and perspective after participating regularly in her classes.”


"I've been taking yoga from Sue since 2018. Her classes are one of the highlights of my week! The fact that they are online makes them very convenient and easy to attend. Sue tailors the class to the needs of the group each week and offers lots of modifications to the poses. She makes the classes fun and there are always laughs. I highly recommend!"


"Mindfulness meditation has been a part of my life for many years now, but I still need the structure offered by a good teacher and the comradery of compassionate peers. Sue’s Mindfulness for Stress Reduction sessions really fit the bill for me. She keeps each session fresh by offering a new insight or technique, very often tailoring them to the needs of individuals in the group. All from the comfort of home, live via Zoom!"


"I’ve been taking Sue’s classes for several years. I really like Kripalu yoga because it’s relaxing and calming and feels good for my body. Sue is an excellent teacher. She has a pleasant voice that’s easy to listen to as she guides us through poses. She’s very good about telling us to listen to our bodies and to modify poses as needed. Her instructions are very clear and she’s easy to follow even with my eyes closed. I’m so grateful that she has continued her classes via Zoom during the pandemic. If I have to miss a class, she is always willing to record it so I can take it later on my own. I sometimes have to drag myself to other classes, but I always look forward to Sue’s classes."


"Sue's meditation classes aren't like any of the many I've tried over the past 10 years. There is none of the "be quiet, empty your brain, and sit still until the bell rings" style that some will think of when they hear the word "meditation." I have learned so much and often joke that it is the least expensive cognitive behavioral therapy ever."


"I have been doing Kripalu yoga with Sue for a number of years.  I cannot say enough good things about Sue’s classes, her style of teaching and her wealth of knowledge regarding the benefits of the various asanas (poses). Sue’s classes are very well balanced between strength, stretch and flexibility. Because of her expert guidance through a few years of hip arthritis I was able to continue yoga. Following total joint replacement I was able to return to yoga and feel this put me on the road to a speedy recovery. Sue emphasizes frequently to work within the constraints of your body by teaching modifications, never pushing through pain and definitely listening  to your body. I love her classes and look forward to every class."


"I so appreciate Sue’s joyful teaching style and how she  honors and encourages bodies of all ages, sizes and abilities.  Over the years, I have taken yoga classes and always enjoyed the peacefulness of it, but not the hurried pace of going from one pose to the next. I found myself trying to twist and stretch my body into poses beyond my ability.  Sue takes the time to talk about each pose and gently moves from one pose to the next while offering modifications for all abilities. She also incorporates breathing and relaxation techniques into her classes leaving you feeling refreshed and calm.  You won’t find a more knowledgeable, compassionate and Fun yoga instructor online."


"I’ve been taking meditation with Sue since 2018.  It is my first experience with meditation and I have learned so
much.  Her class is a moment of calm in my week and one I look forward to and depend on!  I love Sue’s joyful, warm spirit and highly recommend her class!"


"I've been in Sue's yoga classes for 5 years. Signing up for the first class was one of my best decisions. I eagerly sign up for the next round of classes, knowing this is one hour a week that will make a difference for the rest of my week."


"I’m fairly new to Sue’s meditation class and I have found it to be mindful and very relaxing. She is very good at explaining the ‘philosophy’ behind her meditation techniques. Her class is highly recommended!"


"I have taken yoga for several years and Sue is my best find. She is so positive, by helping everyone to know their own body and limitations."


"A rare silver lining of the pandemic has been zoom yoga with Sue. My initial thought was “no way,” but Sue maintained our sense of community while we stayed safely in our homes. The bonuses are staying in my space, using my own mat and props (that I may or may not put away), and staying in savasana for an unlimited length of time…or even just heading right to bed after an evening class." 

Pam L.

“I love taking Sue’s afternoon yoga class. She has a peaceful, happy aura which makes stretching with her a great way to end your day.”


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