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What’s Kripalu (Krih-PAH-loo) Yoga?

Kripalu yoga is about stretching, strengthening, balancing and releasing chronic

tension, all of which helps to restore vitality. This is accomplished through standard

yoga poses (called asanas), as well as breathing exercises (called pranayama.)

What makes Kripalu yoga different is its emphasis on developing awareness of body

sensations. With this awareness and sense of curiosity and self-compassion,

students learn to customize their practice to meet the individual needs of their own


It’s not about whipping the body into shape or getting it to conform to some

standard. It’s about really listening to what your body needs and responding in a

kind and nurturing way.

There’s so much to discover when you start listening deeply to your body.

I love teaching people how to do this!

~Sue Conklin

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