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The Wandering Mind

Does your mind wander?

Are you often distracted?

If you answer, “Yes” – I’ve got good news.

Catching your mind in the wandering mode is a moment of having awareness in

the present moment.

This is HUGE!

It means you have the ability to enter into the observer mode – that mode that

allows you to witness what your mind is doing.

This is fantastic. You already have the skill you need to meditate. Bravo!

In mindfulness meditation we harness this skill and grow it.

I teach you how to be an even better observer of your mind and all the things

happening around you in the present moment.

The better you get at this skill, the more effective you can be in many areas of your


Come join our meditation class and see what happens.

It will be an adventure into the present moment – not to be missed.

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