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Finding Calm
Mind & Body


Yoga & Meditation from
the Comfort of Your Home

Folding Yoga Mat

Why Yoga?

The short answer is yoga makes you feel better. After an hour of Kripalu yoga, you feel that sense of aaahhhhhh.This happens because you learn how to tune into your body and  release tension, thereby increasing flexibility and freeing up energy for other things. As a bonus you get increased strength & balance.  

Why Meditation?

Mindfulness Meditation unlocks so many tools for living life more consciously. With increased awareness you can manage your mind and  not feel at the whim of all the circumstances of your life.  

About Sue

Hi Friend!


My name is Sue Conklin.  I teach yoga and meditation, but the most important thing to know about me is I love to laugh and spread some joy wherever I can. While I take teaching yoga and meditation seriously, I know how to bring the fun! 

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Watch Anywhere

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No Fancy Equipment Needed



"Sue is an incredibly knowledgeable, skilled, compassionate, and fun meditation instructor. I've really benefitted from new equanimity and perspective after participating regularly in her classes.”


"I've been taking yoga from Sue since 2018. Her classes are one of the highlights of my week! The fact that they are online makes them very convenient and easy to attend. Sue tailors the class to the needs of the group each week and offers lots of modifications to the poses. She makes the classes fun and there are always laughs. I highly recommend!"


"Mindfulness meditation has been a part of my life for many years now, but I still need the structure offered by a good teacher and the comradery of compassionate peers. Sue’s Mindfulness for Stress Reduction sessions really fit the bill for me. She keeps each session fresh by offering a new insight or technique, very often tailoring them to the needs of individuals in the group. All from the comfort of home, live via Zoom!"


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